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Science Department

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MYP Sciences AIMS:
The MYP sciences group aims to encourage and enable students to:
  • understand and appreciate science and its implications
  • consider science as a human endeavor with benefits and limitations
  • cultivate analytical, inquiring and flexible minds that pose questions, solve problems, construct explanations and judge arguments
  • develop skills to design and perform investigations, evaluate evidence and reach conclusions
  • build an awareness of the need to effectively collaborate and communicate
  • apply language skills and knowledge in a variety of real-life contexts
  • develop sensitivity towards the living and non-living environments
  • reflect on learning experiences and make informed choices.
MYP Assessment criteria
Each sciences objective corresponds to one of four equally weighted assessment criteria. Each criterion has eight possible achievement levels (1–8), divided into four bands with unique descriptors that teachers use to make judgments about students’ work.

  • Criterion A: Knowing and understanding Students develop scientific knowledge (facts, ideas, concepts, processes, laws, principles, models and theories) and apply it to solve problems and express scientifically supported judgments.
  • Criterion B: Inquiring and designing Students develop intellectual and practical skills through designing, analysing and performing scientific investigations.
  • Criterion C: Processing and evaluating Students collect, process and interpret qualitative and/or quantitative data, and explain conclusions that have been appropriately reached.
  • Criterion D: Reflecting on the impacts of science Students evaluate the implications of scientific developments and their applications to a specific problem or issue. Varied scientific language is applied to demonstrate understanding. Students should become aware of the importance of documenting the work of others when communicating in science.

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3524 42nd Ave S Minneapolis 55406
Main office
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